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Thanks for all the great suggestions last week for GefilterFish. I decided to throw most of the suggestions onto the site and see what sticks:

  • added voting history and rsvp history pages so you can see if there was any unusual activity involving votes getting maliciously overwritten by others. If this really ends up being a problem, I could always add IP or subnet blocking settable per event. The event Initiator now has the ability to delete votes, too.
  • tinkered with the Calendar UI a little, but this still needs more work when I get the time.
  • Added new Event options settable by the Event Initiator.

    a) An event can now be configured so that things like editing the description, closing the date voting, setting the final date/time are limited to the Initiator or editable by anyone (default).

    b) An Event can also now be set so that anyone can participate(default) or only registered users can play.

    c) The Initator can also set a date at which the date closing will automatically be closed.(but it can be re-opened) This might motivate people to get their votes in earlier rather than procrastinating.

  • Cleaned up the login page and added an even more open option allowing people to participate anonymously if they'd like.
  • Started exploring a new feature listing the most likely date based on current voting. This will likely get flushed out more, but I wanted to lay the groundwork.

    a) added a fourth voting option called "Top Choice". This allows people to express a preference for a date rather than just listing it as available.

    b) I wanted to start this out very simply, but it will likely change. 2 points for a "top choice" vote, 1 pt for "available", 0 pts for "maybe", -1 pts for "Busy".

    I started implementing something where you only had X number of points to allocate, but that became lengthy to explain to first-time users in a small amount of space. Also, I'm concerned that a fixed number of points to allocate encourages people to tamper with the voting, including creating multiple personnas.

    Then I realized that this shouldn't be about gaming the system, it should be about finding an optimum date for a group as a whole. If someone feels that strongly about an event being a certain day, they can just close the voting and declare the event on that day. I'd rather err on the side of leaving things flexible.

    Anyway, here's a sample movie night to see the changes:

    Movie Night - Retrospective and Regression

    Let me know what you think of the latest changes or would like anything else changed.

Posted on Tue, 31 May 2005 15:10 by Seni Sangrujee (2218 day(s) old)

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