Little. Orange. Different.

My mind is shot from dealing with beagles all day, so I need to clear my head a bit, relax, avoid coding, and think about happy, little orange buttons.

I've been asked to add email notifications to Gefilter Fish recently. This was a harsh reminder that not everyone believes in the RSS religion.

There have been some really good comments recently about how counterintuitive it is to subscribe to feeds here and here. They're totally right, I'm surprised users are still getting subjected to this, the process is a huge barrier to entry.

I don't have any good suggestions though, I can't even decide on which type of button to add. If you look at Gefilter Fish today, I'm currently using a pretty indecisive button.

I'm not happy with this choice, though, so I'm trying to find out what's most commonly used and might come close to approaching some sort of easily recognizable standard.

Wait a minute, it's a lot worse than I thought, there's more options now than ever! Thinking about these little orange buttons isn't relaxing at all! [anger rising...]

Maybe it'll help me to see them all together. Hmm, actually, I kind of like the "feed://" one.

Posted on Fri, 3 Jun 2005 17:14 by Seni Sangrujee (2215 day(s) old)

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