Gefilter Fish Changes

I just made a bunch of changes to Gefilter Fish based on recent suggestions.

  • Inverted the order of the discussion area so that the most recent posts are now at the top and you no longer have to scoll down
  • There's no longer a separate RSVP page. If the event is in RSVP mode, this feature is now on the main event page where the thumbnail calendar usually is
  • When creating an event, there's now an option to skip the whole date voting rigamarole and put it directly into RSVP mode. This is for cases when a date is already set and you just want a quick RSVP mechanism to use. (i.e. "let's go see Batman Begins on opening night. Who's in?")
  • There's now an option to move a page into post-event status, where there's no RSVP, no Date Voting, just a simple follow-up discussion. This is useful for event communication that happens even after it's over. (i.e. "Click here see pictures I took during the event", "Someone left a jacket, anyone know whose it is?", "Everyone owes me $100 for the ski cabin")

Posted on Wed, 8 Jun 2005 17:16 by Seni Sangrujee (2210 day(s) old)

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