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I've been sidetracked for a bit, but I'm able to focus on Gefilter Fish again. I've fallen behind on implementing the suggestions people have been sending, but the next week should be pretty productive on this front.

These two changes have been rolled out to production:

  1. Invite List - Lots of people have been asking for a way to see who's been invited to an event. This makes a lot of sense, so there's now a page allowing you to see who has received an email for the event generated through the site. It lists the people with their domain masked, like this:

    Right now, anyone can add other people to the invite list, we'll see if that needs to needs tweaking.

  2. Standard Event Format - I've gotten lots of suggestions to integrate Gefilter Fish with people's calendars and blogs. Holy crap, the event format standard is a messy space! Lots of interesting terms floating around...ESS, EventsML, ESF, caldev, OpenEvents, hCalendar, iCal, Structured Blogging, and more...

    There are lots of great ideas floating around for a standard event format, but most of the groups seem to be acting independently. So, while all the ideas share a lot in common, there are notable differences. And, worse, it's hard to tell who's still actively trying to make this happen, some of these projects look like they've been abandoned.

    Luckily, I met Tantek last week after Tag Tuesday, and we discussed . It's an interesting approach and it looks like have a lot of momentum going these days.

    So, building upon work by others, I've added a couple of new features. As with most of the things I've thrown into Gefilter Fish, this is just the first of many iterations, and we'll see how this feature now plays out.

    New Features:
    • After an event has gone through Date Voting and a date have been set (or you skipped straight to RSVP mode), you now have the option to set the date and time in hCalendar format on a page incorporating Ryan King's hCalendar-o-matic. This hCalendar event snippet can then be copied to a blog or website. Hopefully soon, aggregators will do interesting things with hCalendar and everyone's personal calendars will handle them natively.

    • There's also an option now to enable an iCal button on your event, which uses Brian Suda's hCalendar-2-iCalendar xslt. If users click on the iCal button, the event should then be imported into Mozilla Calendar/sunbird or iCal.

    It's easier if you just see it in action. Here's an example:
    July 9, 2005 - 19:00 - 22:00 - Iron Chef Dinner Party - at Dusty's house
    The concept is simple. We all agree on a single ingredient that would make for some interesting dishes. Each party preps a dish using this ingredient (appetizer, entree, dessert, drink, whatever) and we meet at someone's house and feast on some unusual concoctions. If everything ends up terrible, we just order some pizzas. The question is, what would be a good first ingredient? Olives? Ramen? Tuna? Spam?

Posted on Thu, 23 Jun 2005 15:26 by Seni Sangrujee (2195 day(s) old)

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