Golf Travel Bags - BagBoy T-10 vs. Ogio Straight Jacket

I was looking for a new travel bag/case for my golf clubs a while ago. I have a small Travalite case, but I was looking for something bigger and I'm not crazy about how the lock mechanism works on the Travalite.

I'd narrowed the choice between an Ogio Strait Jacket and the BagBoy T-10. Both were going for about $70 on eBay at the time I was looking. I tried to find them in brick and mortar stores, but wasn't able to check either of them out in person.

I followed auctions for both types of bags on eBay and decided I would go with whichever one I could snipe at a better price.

Bad Move. I ended up with the Bagboy T-10 along with a lot of buyer's remorse. The T-10 is big. And heavy. I thought the protective hard shell on top would be a great feature, but it turns out to be a pain. I only use this thing maybe twice a year and keep it in the garage for the rest of the time, but since the Bagboy has a lot of hard, structural parts to it, it takes up a lot of storage space. I really should have gone with the soft-sided Ogio.

But the worst part about the T-10 is when actually traveling. It's very cumbersome and heavy and is really tough to navigate in a crowded airport line. And it takes up more space than it should in a rental car trunk. The hard shell top and the hard base make it really hard to pack a trunk efficiently.

True, there's a lot of space and pockets to fit your shoes, clothes, and everything else in it, but I found myself trying to pack things into my other bags just to keep the Bagboy at a managable weight. On the last golf trip I was on, the T-10 dwarfed everyone else's travel bags and its heft made it difficult for some of the smaller people on the trip to manage.

No question, if I have the chance again I go with the Ogio Straight Jacket over the Bagboy T-10.

Posted on Tue, 2 Aug 2005 14:22 by Seni Sangrujee (2155 day(s) old)

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