Mojo Lost. Yahoo 360 is about Building Barriers

I agree with Dave Winer on this one.

I like Yahoo, but this looks bad.

So this thing is supposed to be about bringing people together and connecting everyone, but I have to logon to Yahoo to look at it? I happen to have a Yahoo account, but what if my friends don't. So you can only interact with me if you have a Yahoo account? Sorry mom and dad.

Oh, wait a minute, it's not enough to have a Yahoo account. This thing is invitation only. Oh, ok, so you can "keep your friends and family close", but you're also able to keep that annoying uncle out as well as those people that just might be outside my inner circle of friends. It's exactly like Winer said in another post about insiders and the blogosphere.(which is especially interesting because he's a top-tier blogger) Damn, I'm not happy that I agree with him twice in one post, though.:)

I love the openness of blogs. They allow you to interact with people you wouldn't normally run into. They've given platforms to people who normally wouldn't get heard. It's a meritocracy, people have risen to become popular bloggers because they're good.

So with Yahoo 360, it's all about closing the walls. You can sort of get in, but you can't really access everything. WTF? Is this junior high school where the outsiders get to peer through the fence at the cool kids having fun?

This restrictiveness and exclusivity is a bad sign of things to come for Yahoo 360.

Posted on Tue, 29 Mar 2005 22:46 by Seni Sangrujee (2281 day(s) old)

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