Spring Valley Golf Course Review

Spring Valley, Milpitas, CA

Weekend Rate: $54
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I play this course a few times a year and just went back there last weekend. It's a little tricky to get to in the Milpitas Hills east of I-680 near Ed Levin park.

The shortgame area and practice green are excellent and set away from the clubhouse and first tee. I've only used the driving range once, though, it has mats and is pretty narrow. There's also a secondary practice green near the lower parking section.

The course itself is pretty easy, I would consider it one of the easiest in the Bay Area. It's short, not very crowded and par is only 70. If I knew someone trying to break 90 (or 80 or 100) for the first time, I'd take them to this course for the confidence boost. It's also not a bad course to walk since it's not extremely hilly (unlike nearby Summitpointe).

Most of the holes are short and narrow, you're probably better off not using driver on many of them. Conditions are about average for the area. There are some serious backups on holes #2 and #11, both par 3s, but other than that, the course flows pretty well.

Memorable Holes: (there aren't that many, it's a fairly non-descript course)

  • #10 Dogleg right par 5. This is a fun hole that can play short if manage to cut off the dogleg successfully, but you're also risking OB off the tee if you go too far right. I've always been in a group that's had to wait for the green to clear on this hole because it's laid out so that when you're finished on this green, you have to backtrack walking through this fairway to get to the next hole.
  • #13 Dogleg left par 4. This hole isn't anything special, and it's very similar to the 12th hole right before it. But the green has one of the biggest slopes I've ever seen anywhere. Every time I've played it, someone in the group has 4-putted it. At this point, I try to put my approach short and left near the fringe so I'm below the hole and can escape with a two-putt.
  • #17 Downhill par 5. This hole is only remarkable because it might be the shortest par 5 I've ever played. These days it's not a big deal for me to reach par 5s in two, but this was the first hole where I ever accomplished that. I was also playing with a friend that got his first eagle on this hole.

Posted on Thu, 26 Oct 2006 14:31 by Seni Sangrujee (1705 day(s) old)

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