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Interesting story here....

Woman bounced from Southwest flight for T-shirt

RENO - A Washington state woman intends to press a civil-rights case against Southwest Airlines for booting her off a flight in Reno after fellow passengers complained about a message on her T-shirt.

Lorrie Heasley, of Woodland, Wash., was halfway home on a flight Tuesday that began in Los Angeles, wearing a T-shirt with the pictures of President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and a phrase similar to the popular film, Meet the Fockers...

I found a t-shirt that's close, but this one has Chertoff and Brown, not Rice:

Looks like the article may have been wrong, and Rice wasn't on the shirt.

Shirts available here (as well as similar throw pillows, thongs, dog shirts, messenger bags, etc.)

Posted on Thu, 6 Oct 2005 11:11 by Seni Sangrujee (2090 day(s) old)

Turdblossom/Plame Duck President

OK, it looks like I was premature in complaining about the lack of coverage on the story (it's been a long time coming).

Lots of things happening in the last few days. Here are my favorite links:

Comments from a former CIA operative

Good column and Q&A in the Washington Post

Interesting take on the press briefing on Monday

Posted on Wed, 13 Jul 2005 18:31 by Seni Sangrujee (2175 day(s) old)


Clerical workers are striking at UC campuses and Berkeley Lab today. Last month there was a strike of University Professional and Technical Employees, and the month before that there was a strike by a union of State, Municipal and County Employees.

I suppose I should pay more attention to this stuff, but I'm finding that I tune out a lot walking around Berkeley these days. Someone's always yelling in my face about something, either a homeless person, picketers, or protesters (oil, war, marijuana, impeachment, etc.), so the message, unfortunately, doesn't always get through.

Hmm, I remember reading something about a possible BART and ACTransit strike last week. And it looks like Northwest mechanics are preparing for a strike. And there's talk of an NBA strike at the beginning of next season, which will probably go about as well as the hockey lockout. Oh yeah, and there's the San Francisco hotel workers strike. It looks like those who called the union a dinosaur were premature.

meh. Who is John Galt?

Posted on Mon, 13 Jun 2005 13:06 by Seni Sangrujee (2205 day(s) old)

AP to Offer Two Leads for Some Stories

techdirt has an interesting link to an Associated Press change.

"The concept is simple: On major spot stories -- especially when events happen early in the day -- we will provide you with two versions to choose between," the AP said in an advisory to members. "One will be the traditional 'straight lead' that leads with the main facts of what took place. The other will be the 'optional,' an alternative approach that attempts to draw in the reader through imagery, narrative devices, perspective or other creative means."

It'll be interesting to see which type of lead ends up being more popular down the road.

Posted on Thu, 17 Mar 2005 12:01 by Seni Sangrujee (2293 day(s) old)

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