Oops, maybe fatcamp would have been a better choice

Aargh, I'm looking kind of massive in this cnet picture of iphonedevcamp (on the right).
Summer Camp for iPhone Geeks:

All the bagels, coffee, red bull, pizza, beer, sandwiches, tortilla/kettle chips, and tacos I consumed over those 2.5 days probably didn't help either.

Just kidding, it was a great event. I'd been kind of burned out on the mobile space for a while, especially after seeing all the cool things going on in Europe and Asia and continuously running into hurdles here. It was inspiring to meet so many folks and feed off their collective enthusiasm and creativity.

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How big is the iPhone?

Where to go on the go?

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This article completely blew me away. I rarely do much more than skim everything I run into online these days, but I was entranced by this.

Pearls Before Breakfast
Can one of the nation's great musicians cut through the fog of a D.C. rush hour? Let's find out.
link to Washington Post Magazine

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Benny Hinn: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Take footage of TV Evangelist Benny Hinn, dub over Drowning Pool's Let The Bodies Hit the Floor and what do you get? Internet gold.


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And like that, he's gone...

Wow, my blogging hiatus is over. It's been 365 days since I last updated this blog.

The stagnant site was up for about 6 months, but it became overrun with spam comments and trackbacks, so I just took this blog down altogether last May.

But now it's back and I have no idea where the hell I'm going to take this, but I did miss it.

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Rejected Names for Wedding Tables

Damn, I suck at wedding planning. All my ideas for wedding table names have been rejected. Hmm, numbers are too traditional and using places/locations would be predictable...

Concept #1

U.S.S Stargazer
Slave I
Heart of Gold
Jupiter 2
Bird of Prey

Concept #2
Credit Mobilier
Teapot Dome
Whiskey Ring

Concept #3


Concept #4


Concept #5

giant squid
tasmanian devil
(in lieu of clinking glasses to make the couple kiss, guests should be
instructed to make the sound corresponding to their table animal)

Concept #6


Concept #7

Dr. Robotnik
Seymour Guado
Dr. Wily

Concept #8

Press Your Luck
Tic Tac Dough
Joker's Wild
Match Game
Let's Make a Deal
Family Feud
Wheel of Fortune
Price is Right
Card Sharks

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His Holiness, the Dread Pirate Roberts

Heh, upcoming made-for-tv movies on CBS include a movie about Pope John Paul II with Cary Elwes as young pope and Ian Holm (Bilbo Baggins) as old pope. That's interesting.

And there's another movie with Cybill Shepherd playing Martha Stewart called "Martha Behind Bars".

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Flyers spotted while walking to lunch today:

Hmm, there's a new musical in SF.
Goin' Dot Com! - The Musical
One of the songs is called "Clickfarm Wizard".

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Glory To My Alma Mater

Wow, I don't know what I was searching for when I stumbled upon this PSA created by my old high school. They've put a few together and they're pretty well done. I wonder what the story is behind the PSAs. I remember hazing being a big problem back when I attended there.

from IdeaMill

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Nyquil Recipes

I've been looking around the Net for Nyquil recipes. No, I'm not talking about the mixed drink(s) called Nyquil containing Jaeger/Sambuca/TripSec that "look like the red, but taste like the green". I still haven't shaken this cold, so I'm hoping for a way to spice up my evening Nyquil in a way so that I can accompany the fiancee and her chocolate martini in an after dinner drink.

I was thinking about maybe mixing Nyquil with shaved ice for a snowcone or with ice cream in a shake. Or possibly mixing some into one of my meal replacement protein shakes. Nothing crazy like the old Flaming Moe featuring Krusty's Kough Syrup, though.

Here are some interesting drink recipes featuring Nyquil:

Green Lizard

1 bottle NyQuil® cough syrup
16 oz Sprite® soda

Add ice, shake well. The sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy-head, fever, so you can rest, cocktail. This drink is very popular on the north slope of Alaska, which is technically an alcohol-free area.


Sweaty Italian

A combination of ice cold vodka and cough syrup. Not the most subtle of tastes, but when poured together, they separate, giving the appearance of an Italian flag.

1 bottle NyQuil® cough syrup
16 oz Sprite® soda
Pour all ingredients together into a shot glass, and serve.


It's funny, while googling nyquil cocktail, the fourth result was the omnipresent kwc blog. :)

Also, here's a nice Ode to Nyquil from http://www.iit.edu/~hockaly/ponyquil.html

Ode to NyQuil

O NyQuil!
As red, thou art, as the chilled blood of a cherry bat!
O NyQuil!
You burn with a fire in my throat that could melt the winter sky!
O NyQuil!
You bring upon me a soothing sleep that rests my aching nose!
O Nyquil!
You are far better than DayQuil!
O NyQuil!
Drugs like you that make me sleep are grand!
O NyQuil!
You make me write beautiful poetry!
O NyQuil!
Don't you think that any respectable ode has an excessive number of "O"s?

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Quick and Dirty

It has been brought to my attention that my blog entries are too damn long to read and I need to be more concise, so I'm going to try to blog in short, controlled busts for a while.

Just to follow up on parrakum's rant on new coverage, why doesn't the whole yellowcake/Rove/Plame story get one-tenth of the coverage that Michael Jackson or Tom Cruise gets? I'm wondering why I even bother keeping that block of news channels programmed on my tv.

I'm feeling especially venomous and snarkalicious today. I blame NASA for screwing up my cosmic balance.

Warm and Fuzzies...

  • penetrating heavenly bodies
  • Credit Lyonnais stuffed lions
  • Celine Dion booed at Live 8

Anger rising...

  • losing your ebay sniping skilz
  • movies that haven't been released on DVD
  • brevity

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Site Loyalty

I had a good conversation with someone about loyalty to websites a few days ago and was thinking about this some more this morning. Looking at my everyday online tools, for some of them I'm actively looking for alternatives at the moment, while I'm too lazy to change others, and some of them seem untouchable.

RSS Aggregator - There's a whole bunch of them out there, but I still stick with Bloglines. It's simple and works well on desktop and phone. I came very close to exploring alternatives a few weeks ago when some feeds weren't getting updated, but things got better before I got a chance to look at other options.

Email - I didn't think I'd ever switch from using my own mail server, but the draw of gmail's spam-filtering and archiving was too much. I'm not looking to change at the moment, but the transition to gmail was much simpler than I would have expected, so changing to something else might not be too painful.

Blog Search - I started out with Feedster, then switched to Technorati, then a combination of Technorati and PubSub, and now I've switched back to Feedster. Search engines always seem easy to transition because I don't have a lot of ties to them, but it's amazing what little things affected my recent decision to go from Technorati back to Feedster.

Technorati's new UI brought some changes that just wore me down and drove me away. The first is I like having the cursor in the search textbox during the onLoad event. It saves me from having to click in there every time. Such a small thing, but doing it multiple times a day gets old.

The second thing is I tend to use medium-sized browser windows, and with feedster's search results I get 7 results displayed before I need to scroll down. With Technorati, I only get 3 results and they're the tagged results, not the normal results. I'm not finding enough posts that use tags enough that would warrant this priority in search results. And the tagged results often seem to be the from same people that are very tag-happy, and from some who appear to be abusing the system. To me, it comes across as 3 paid advertiser search results, followed by the real results I'm looking for, which is reason enough to take my searches elsewhere.

Finally, the slowness of Technorati was the last straw, so I'm back to Feedster, and anxiously awaiting Google to unveil something or some unknown player to step up.

Stocks, News, Sports, TV - It's shocking how long I've been using my.yahoo.com. My account there is using an email address from a startup I worked for from '95-'96. Still happy and not looking for alternatives.

Social Bookmarks - This is something where I've yet to find a nice home. I've moved on from del.icio.us and Spurl. I'm currently using Furl and StumbleUpon, but could jump at a moment's notice. Outfoxed actually looks pretty interesting, but I haven't gotten around to checking it out yet. I'm not even bothering with My Web 2.0 since none of my friends will join. This space really needs a leader to emerge. Until then, I'll keep looking.

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%$@# yeah!

Woo-hoo! Mystery solved.

Let me back up a bit. Yesterday, while getting off the subway in Berkeley, I had this really eerie feeling. I guess classes aren't in session anymore because the streets are empty now, and, unusually for summer, it was cold and misty. Instead of throngs of students everywhere, the only people I saw were people sweeping the sidewalks with dustmasks over their faces.

The feeling brought back a faint memory of a tv show I saw as a kid where a guy somehow ends up out of sync with reality and sees what's really going on behind the scenes. Instead of seeing his normal house, he sees the physical world getting built just-in-time as people traverse throught it. Very odd and for some reason it stuck with me on the fringes of my memory.

This is the sort of question that would be perfect for Ask FlickChick, which is a great column where people as things like "I caught the last scene of something on tv where there was a guy and car near a bridge. What tv show or movie was it? I think the guy was balding." And then they come up with all kinds of possible answers. Great stuff.

But I've been meaning to track down this snippet of memory for a while and spent some time yesterday on this. I had the feeling it was an Outer Limits or Twilight Zone episode because it had the kind of self-contained, anthology feel to it.

[Funny side note: A few years ago I watched all the original Twilight Zones which brought back all kinds of memories from my childhood. All the paranoia, allegory, and sappy sentimentality came back to me like an old friend, and I saw the source of many of these strange images and stories that lurk in my distant memories]

But this new memory was definitely not part of the old series, it was in color (modern color, not the weird color of the final TZ episodes from the 60s). For some reason I had thought it was the Outer Limits because I had written off the 80s Twilight Zones as crap. It turns out that this show was, in fact, part of the 80s Twilight Zone series and was an episode called "A Matter of Minutes", written by Theodore Sturgeon (based on the short story "Yesterday was Monday"). link

I must have watched quite a few episodes of that incarnation of the Twilight Zone because I stumbled upon another one that I vaguely remembered. Something about a bunch of spirits turning themselves into raindrops to restore an environmentally destroyed planet. The episode was "Voices in the Earth", story by Alan Brennert. It must have made an impact on someone else, because someone has put the entire episode available for download here.

Now I just need to see if they have the 80s TZ series available on DVD. Hmm, I've still got to track down the Return of Starbuck, and I could put together a killer Movie Night.

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Big Pig

I finally got around to grabbing pics off my phone. Here's some images from a pig roast last Saturday. I'd never been to one before. It was lots of fun, thanks to all who put it together. :)

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Beagle puppy went home

Rats, I forgot to post this over the weekend.

On Friday evening, I was walking around with the lost beagle puppy putting up signs and a car pulled up with a guy and two young kids, a boy and a girl. The little boy got out and confirmed it was his dog. I asked him if they live far away and he points to a house down the street. It turns out the puppy didn't get very far. Then he got back in the car and they took off.

So the crazy little puppy is home now with his family, and life is much calmer around here. :)

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