Nyquil Recipes

I've been looking around the Net for Nyquil recipes. No, I'm not talking about the mixed drink(s) called Nyquil containing Jaeger/Sambuca/TripSec that "look like the red, but taste like the green". I still haven't shaken this cold, so I'm hoping for a way to spice up my evening Nyquil in a way so that I can accompany the fiancee and her chocolate martini in an after dinner drink.

I was thinking about maybe mixing Nyquil with shaved ice for a snowcone or with ice cream in a shake. Or possibly mixing some into one of my meal replacement protein shakes. Nothing crazy like the old Flaming Moe featuring Krusty's Kough Syrup, though.

Here are some interesting drink recipes featuring Nyquil:

Green Lizard

1 bottle NyQuil® cough syrup
16 oz Sprite® soda

Add ice, shake well. The sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy-head, fever, so you can rest, cocktail. This drink is very popular on the north slope of Alaska, which is technically an alcohol-free area.


Sweaty Italian

A combination of ice cold vodka and cough syrup. Not the most subtle of tastes, but when poured together, they separate, giving the appearance of an Italian flag.

1 bottle NyQuil® cough syrup
16 oz Sprite® soda
Pour all ingredients together into a shot glass, and serve.


It's funny, while googling nyquil cocktail, the fourth result was the omnipresent kwc blog. :)

Also, here's a nice Ode to Nyquil from http://www.iit.edu/~hockaly/ponyquil.html

Ode to NyQuil

O NyQuil!
As red, thou art, as the chilled blood of a cherry bat!
O NyQuil!
You burn with a fire in my throat that could melt the winter sky!
O NyQuil!
You bring upon me a soothing sleep that rests my aching nose!
O Nyquil!
You are far better than DayQuil!
O NyQuil!
Drugs like you that make me sleep are grand!
O NyQuil!
You make me write beautiful poetry!
O NyQuil!
Don't you think that any respectable ode has an excessive number of "O"s?

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