What's the term I'm looking for?

When I was reading about the pervasiveness of mobile devices in the Philippines, I was trying to think of an adjective, but couldn't come up with one. What's a word for a person or group that's totally into mobile phones and the corresponding untethered lifestyle? I've been trying to describe this subculture in conversations recently when discussing groups that I hang out with or people that I see on the subway or in malls, but nothing quite captures it.

I'm looking for something that could be used in the following sentences:

  • After spending a few days in Thailand, it became obvious to me that this culture is much more ________ than I'm what used to in the U.S.
  • Did you see that guy with the utility belt at the last Mobile Monday? Man, that dude was ________.
  • My co-workers are still trying to wrap their heads around their calculator watches and StarTACs. In contrast, my golfing buddies are totally _______. They're checking hoops scores while waiting for the greens to clear and MMSing me while they're warming up at the driving range.

I'm sure there's a term for this. Sort of like the way the term "wired" was often used circa 1996 for someone really into online culture. That is, before the term assumed other connotations.

"into mobility"? "unwired"?

Or maybe something more along the lines of "otaku", which can mean completely different things depending on who you're talking to.

Hmm, I guess there might not be a good term for a mobile lifestyle/fanatic, or, as with most hype labels, by now it would have been used and abused ad nauseum. But then again terms like "Ajax" and "Web 2.0" are effective labels to capture interesting trends/movements that are generating a lot of excitement, and I'd argue that the mobile revolution is at least as important.

Posted on Wed, 27 Jul 2005 16:16 by Seni Sangrujee (2161 day(s) old)

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