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I think I've fully emerged from my online malaise now, as evidenced by the number of sites I've been furl'ing in the last few weeks.

Here's a few cool sites that you may have already seen, but I thought they deserved the additional linklove.

  • ClockWork - Simple and clean. I could have used this back when I was billing by the hour instead of by project. But it's still good for letting me track how long I've been working out or how long I've been heads-down coding.

  • colr.org - It looks like this was a little too popular for the server. It's a great site to examine colors for websites. Here's a cached copy

  • chicagocrime.org - Another GoogleMap hack that kicks ass. I'm sure there's a version of this for the Bay Area by now. I'd love to see this combined with a 3D city like GeoSim's Virtual Philadelphia or Google's upcoming 3D San Francisco.

  • flickr Colr Pickr - Words can't really do this page justice. I could play around with this for hours.

Posted on Fri, 10 Jun 2005 13:22 by Seni Sangrujee (2208 day(s) old)

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